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Meet Brittney


About the Owner 

Brittney is a lifetime resident of the Temple/Belton area, and is extremely passionate about continuing to serve her community. She is a Registered Nurse, Fitness Instructor, mom to 3 littles, and a partner in another local business, Pampered in Pink. Brittney has been a spin instructor for 6 years, and over that time has developed a unique style of leadership based on a holistic coaching approach. With her passion for spiritual, physical, and mental health, Brittney has cultivated a fitness environment that is both supportive and caring, while challenging enough to help you achieve your goals!

Our Vision

Re/Claim is built on the belief that your fitness journey should incorporate the entirety of who you are. Thus, we focus on not just physical strength, but also mental and spiritual strength as well. When we combine all these facets into fitness, spin becomes movement with meaning. Join us on the bike as we work to Re/Claim our power together in an environment that is as unique as you!

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