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Kids Zone 

We love supporting your fitness goals! One way to do that is to provide a safe environment for your kiddos while you get your sweat on! Please read our Kids Zone policy below. We offer monthly passes as well as punch cards! 

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Childcare Discipline and Suspension Policy

At Reclaim Spin and Fitness, we are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment
for all children in our care. To maintain a positive and respectful atmosphere, we have
established the following discipline and suspension policy.
1. Behavioral Expectations:
Parents and guardians are expected to communicate with Reclaim Spin and Fitness to share any
relevant information about their child's behavior, needs, or concerns. We strive to work
collaboratively with families to address any challenges that may arise.
2. Infraction Write-ups:

In the event of behavioral concerns, Reclaim Spin and Fitness will issue written notices (write-
ups) to parents or guardians documenting specific infractions. These write-ups will include

details about the behavior, the date and time of occurrence, and any actions taken by the
childcare staff.
3. Three-Strike Policy:
If a child accumulates three write-ups for behavioral infractions within 90 days, a suspension
will be implemented. Suspensions are designed to allow both the child and the childcare staff
an opportunity to reassess and address behavioral concerns.
4. Suspension Duration:
Suspensions will be for a period of 90 calendar days. During this time, the child will not be
allowed to participate in childcare at Reclaim Spin and Fitness .The suspension period provides
an opportunity for parents, guardians, and childcare staff to collaborate on a plan to address
and rectify the behavioral concerns.
5. Re-Enrollment Process:
After the completion of the suspension period, parents or guardians must schedule a meeting
with Reclaim Spin and Fitness leadership to discuss the child's behavior and the steps taken to
address the concerns during the suspension. Re-enrollment will be contingent upon a
satisfactory resolution plan.
6. Confidentiality:
All disciplinary records and communications regarding behavioral concerns will be kept
confidential and will only be shared with those directly involved in the child's care.


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